Health on the Go: Medical Apps, Privacy, and Liability

Health on the Go: Medical Apps, Privacy, and Liability

Five hundred million people will use a health app by 2015 and the use of health apps will increase by 25% yearly. But what are the privacy and legal implications of Health on the Go?

About the Conference

The digital world presents new opportunities to improve your health. It’s now possible for your every movement, every intonation in your voice, every phone call you dial or receive, and every website you visit to be tracked, documented and analyzed to create your health profile. From maximizing your personal health and identifying public health trends to fueling a new sector of the economy, health information from apps, social networks and games is shaping our lives. And as our digital health data grow, the need to address the legal, medical and social implications becomes increasingly important.

On Friday, April 4, IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law in partnership with UIC School of Public Health brought together medical app developers, lawyers, regulators and health care professionals to discuss privacy and policy considerations for a public increasingly dependent on “Health on the Go.” The conference discussed the laws and regulations dealing with the collection and use of health information outside the health care system. It also addressed current federal and state investigations into data aggregation and medical apps.

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