Under Watchful Eyes: The Technologies That Track

Under Watchful Eyes: The Technologies That Track

“Location, location, location.” No, not real estate—data. Location tracking technologies will soon be pervasive. Businesses and governments can use the technologies to follow your every move, to know when you leave your house, what route you take, for how long, and where you stop; it will be possible to record what you look at in a store, for how long, when and how, and where you eat lunch and what you order, how long you linger at the coffee machine, what desks and offices you frequent at work, and on and so on. As one data analyst put it,

“We can determine where you work, how you spend your time, and with whom, and with 87% certainty where you’ll be next Thursday at 5:35 p.m.”

This conference analyzed how decisions about the balance between privacy and benefits of information processing are made and how they should be made. It  examinee the control we do and should have over our information, and the extent to which could and should use technology and the law to gain greater control.

Experts participate in three panel discussions:

  1. The Present and the Future examines how tracking technologies are used and will be used in the future.
  2.  Reaping the Benefits, Respecting Privacy considers how we can design geo-location technologies and business models to ensure sufficient respect for privacy; the session will consider what counts as “sufficient respect for privacy.”
  3. What Is The Right Legal Regime? examines how the law should best respond to the need to protect privacy while realizing the benefits of tracking technologies.

Conference Materials

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